Together with our fitness partners, we have developed a new training plan that will prepare you optimally for your Wadlbeisser Challenge. You will receive a free training plan and can start training straight away. The training plans are designed so that you can train both indoors and outdoors!


GemMa FIT by Manuela Baumann

Manuela Baumann

Enjoying sport together ... Up and downhill together ... My name is Manuela Baumann, founder of GemMa FIT, and a passionate athlete myself.

Do you have a specific goal in mind? Would you like to unleash your true sporting potential or push yourself to your limits in a sporting competition? Put your skills to the test and brave the challenge of the Arlberger Wadlbeisser – sightseeing the hard way! Your goal will be more achievable with specific training measures and an effective training plan. I, Manuela Baumann, am very happy accompany you on your journey and support you with my knowledge, so you can achieve your goal.

Together we will find the best individual solution to achieve your objective, and fulfil this together with both hard work and passion ... that is what the name GemMa FIT is all about. No matter where you are right now ... decide now - to bring more movement into your life with me!

Phone: +43 650 5615250

LA Movements

Daniel Körber

My name is Daniel Körber, founder and head coach of LA Movements - Personal Training. I have been helping my clients achieve their athletic, aesthetic and health goals since 2014.

When it comes to the Arlberger Wadlbeisser, I can provide you with training plans for the short and long distances.

You will also receive access to my in-house training, app, “LA Movements“ (Google Play, Apple App Store). Here you will find your training videos and examples of strength training in preparation for the competition.
If you have any questions about the training plans or requests for individual coaching sessions, please contact me at:

Phone: +43 664 5010673

Facebook: LA Movements – Personal Training

Instagram: lamovements