Race Routes

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And only the toughest come to the Arlberger Wadlbeisser. Are you up for this? A long or shorter distance with 24 or 15 obstacles is waiting to be conquered by you.

The excitement builds even before the start. You enter the starting area in front of the St. Anton Tourist Office and are motivated by cool sounds and a professional trainer. Your heart rate rises. Ten minutes to go. One more minute. Five, four, three, two, one ... run! You're in the race. 
It's about to go uphill: via the Rendlbahn to the Bifangalm. Then continue along the Antoniusweg to the recycling center, past the soccer pitch, the Nassereinbahn and along the art mile to Griesplatz in the middle of the village.
You give it your all! Just like the DJ and the presenter, who cheer you and your fans on loudly. Go on! Via the Arlberg WellCom hall to the finish station of the 2001 World Ski Championships. From there over the WellCom hall roof to the ski center and on to the museum.
At the Galzigbahn, the short route separates from the long route. Your calves are already biting? Then the short route takes you to the old station underpass directly to the finish in front of the tourist office.
The long route guides you through the Mühltobelschlucht to the Sennhütte. Here too, the DJ and presenter do a great job and whip up the loooong finale. The mood is rising, the sweat is dripping. You look forward to the slide to the hay barn. From there, you run along the Sonnenweg to Thony´s and back to the village via the toboggan run, past the golf course and the art mile.
Bite through! You balance over the pond at Arlberg WellCom, sprint to the old railroad station underpass and drag yourself with your last ounce of strength to the finish line in the village center. Tired. But happy.