13,5 kilometres.

St. Anton throws down the gauntled.

700 metres in altitude.

Never ending ups and downs.

24 obstacles.

That you have to either get through, or over.

Sightseeing the hard way

Sweat dripping, calves burning, pulse racing. But you're crazier – running, crawling, sliding breathlessly through St. Anton to cross the finish line at the Arlberg Wadlbeisser. 13.5 kilometers. 700 meters in elevation. 24 obstacles. And you don't give up. You push yourself to the limit, conquering your inner demons.


Done! For you, it's the battle of a lifetime. We call it sightseeing the tough way. Welcome to the Arlberg Wadlbeisser, our obstacle race in and around St. Anton am Arlberg.

The Arlberger Wadlbeisser is an obstacle course of a special kind. You can choose between two variants: The long distance with 13.5 kilometers and 24 obstacles and the short distance with 15 obstacles and 7 kilometers. The course leads through St. Anton am Arlberg and its surrounding mountains.