The challenge found you

Things will be hotting up in St. Anton am Arlberg on the 11th July, at the “Arlberger Wadlbeisser“ obstacle race. This challenging obstacle course is certainly not one for the faint hearted!

True to the motto, "Sightseeing the hard way", the new Arlberger Wadlbeisser obstacle race invites you to take a rather special tour of the town. Not only can wonderful panoramic views of the surroundings be enjoyed along the two circuits, but also places of interest such as the town centre, museum and Art Mile. The athletes will have scant opportunity to take in these special features, however, as they crawl, climb, swim and balance their way through the obstacle course. The mere mention of the course parameters is enough to make your pulse race and calves burn: A 13.5-kilometre-long route between mountain and valley, with 700 metres of altitude difference and 24 obstacles. The shorter route is no less arduous, with 7.5 kilometres of track, 350 metres of altitude difference and 15 obstacles. Spurred on by DJ sounds, presenters and spectators, this is not just about crossing hill and dale. Participating athletes can expect wooden walls, water pools, slides, balancing courses, climbing walls and much more. The battle against your weaker self may commence. Athletes who find the Arlberger Wadlbeisser too strenuous on their own, can find support by competing as a team, or simply run along “just for fun". There is even a race for the youngest ones, namely the new Wadlbeisserli, where each discipline is offered in an adapted form for children. A fitting end to the whole occasion is provided by a great party in the pedestrian zone.

In order to prepare for the run in the best possible way, a training evening will be held on 21st February 2020 at 19 hrs at Arlberg WellCom

The Arlberg Wadlbeisser is the new discipline for the Arlberg Adler mountain triathlon. The starting shot for the iconic ”White Thrill“ event will be fired on 25th April 2020, followed by the challenging Arlberger Wadlbeisser on 11th July 2020, before the winner of the Arlberg Bike Marathon is determined on 22nd August. Conditions for the three races in the “Arlberg Marmot” are a little more relaxed, but certainly no less exciting.

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